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Intelligent Inspection Robot on vehicle’s bottom

This intelligent inspection robot adopts automatic operation, which can realize the inspection vehicle automatically walking to the detection position and automatic detection. After the detection is completed, without manual intervention, it automatically returns to the position and charges to reduce the workload of personnel. The system replaces the traditional manual inspection operations with advanced dual-arm robot technology, vision technology, and image recognition technology to solve the problems in manual operation for EMUs' repairs and urban electric passenger trains.
The system consists of the following: fixed charging module, inspection railcar and track, on-board power supply and battery module, safety anti-collision detection module, high-precision positioning module, rapid scan detection module, key part detection module, and integrated smart handheld terminal.
Market status
This product is domestic initiative, the technology is leading in market.

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  1. Automatic inspection
The system is fully automated and requires no manual intervention to reduce personnel workload.
  1. Rapid detection on vehicle bottom
The system adopts multiple sets modules of line surfaces in combination with camera for scanning the visual components at the bottom of the EMU.
  1. Accurate positioning
The rapid detection on the bottom of the vehicle can accurately locate the shaft and the accuracy can reach 0.05mm.
  1. Security Anti-Collision Detection Module
The front and rear scanning angles can reach by 270°. It can automatically alarm when the obstacles are within a range of 20 meters and it can emergency stop when obstacles are within 3 meters to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.
  1. Multi-angle detection of key parts
The 6-axis free manipulator can check the key components of the vehicle with no blind spot and in any position, and the repeat positioning accuracy is ±0.03mm.
  1. 3D information collection
The three-dimensional image acquisition module adopts the laser triangulation test and the detection accuracy can reach 0.5mm.
(3D information collection)
  1. Automatic fault identification
The image contrast method was adopted to detect the fault of the EMU. At the same time, the secondary comparison was performed with reference of the data from other systems to further improve the fault diagnosis accuracy.
  1. Standard model generation
The system locates key areas based on high-precision axis information, and then automatically recognizes key components in various states through SVM vector machine technology and generates a standard model.
  1. Data interaction and comprehensive rating
The system can automatically receive, analyze, and push data of TEDS and EMU information systems and other system to judge the fault type and level, and to generate the reliability weights, and automatically alarm.
  1. Anti-strong magnetic interference
The system passes the EMC and IP54 tests and can work in harsh environments such as train charging.
The product is mainly applicable to the maintenance workshop of EMUs, subway maintenance workshop.

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