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EMU online mobile rim spoke ultrasonic flaw detector

EMU online mobile rim spoke ultrasonic flaw detection machine is used to on-line detect rim and spoke defects of various EMUs, is one of the core equipment for security.

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EMU online mobile rim spoke ultrasonic flaw detector
(1)The flaw detection can be completed without dismantling any vehicle accessories such as sanding pipe and troubleshooter, which can effectively prevent loose parts caused by the frequent dismantling of EMU parts. The system adopts an intelligent flexible manipulator unit, and the probe can intelligently select from the front or rear direction of the wheel to enter the detection area and perform flaw detection according to the wheel set space condition at the bottom of the bogie.

Inspection with sanding pipe and troubleshooter
(2)The detection trolley can finish all detection task by only one pass. It is not necessary to separate the wheel inspection and reversing during the operation, which greatly simplifies the inspection process and reduces the workload of inspection assistants.
(3)The two-way double-head mechanism and probe devices enables simultaneous detection of both wheels at the same side of wheel set, which greatly improves the efficiency of detection.

Detection of both wheels on both sides
(4)Each probe adopts independent inlet and storage tank. Coupling water can directly reach the contact surface of each probe and wheel, which make coupling even and stable, and save the coupling water.
(5)According to wheel set space of different types of bogie, the probe and positioning unit of the intelligent flexible manipulator can accept manual teaching, and adapt to wheel inspection in the full range of EMU.
(6)The operating software is fully self-developed, can be customized according to specific user needs. The software upgrade is easy to maintain. It has complete information collection, defect analysis, defect reporting, records management and query functions with EMU information interface and powerful data management center.
It has been applied to EMU operation station in Jinan, Kunming, Changsha, Guilin, and Zhengzhou.

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