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GFJZ-50 Steel Rail Full Cross Section Milling Machining Center

This machining center is a highly automatic new product integrating mechanical, electric, hydraulic, as well as measuring and controlling technology. It is mainly used for coarse polishing of welded long steel rail.Its functions include precise measuring, data acquisition, real time intelligent estimation, and automatic selection of trajectory. It can carry out precision flatness processing of long steel rail welding joint.

Main Features

1. Highly efficient milling is rendered to replace polishing.

2. It adopts dual channel numerical control system and dual machining center to complete milling of steel rail full cross section of welded joint.

3. It adopts precision on line inspection system to accurately measure position of processing.

4. It can generate optimized processing procedure automatically and realize accurate cutting in and out. For steel rail with welding misalignment, numerical system will give milling path based on the actual condition which help to realize the smooth transition from processed surface and unprocessed surface.

5. It adopts formed cutters.

6. Equipped with cam index circular type tool magazine which enables fast and accurate change of cutters.

7.Flexible processing mode is suitable for difficult process to deal with misalignment and distortion.

It is suitable for various rail profile. By using different cutting tool and software program, milling process can be done on 60kg, 50kg and 75kg steel rail welding joint.

The system is linked to welding base management system to ensure timely data upload and enhance overall productivity.

10. Make welding joint invisible and eliminate welding collar wave interference on flaw detection accuracy.


Steel Rail Welding Joint Full Cross Section Milling Machine Center (without cover) of Nanchang Railway Bureau


Steel Rail Welding Joint Full Cross Section Milling Machine Center (with cover) of Wuhan Railway Bureau


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