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HGCY06-ⅡModel Rail Replacement Device

The rail replacement of modern railway is to place the seamless long rail (new rail) beside the line, then use the rail replacement equipment to move the exiting rail (old rail) to the sides of the line or in the middle of the line, after that, move the new rail that is beside the line to the sleeper bed to achieve the rail replacement.

HGCY06-ⅡModel rail replacement device is installed on single flat car NX70, it is a new rail replacement equipment that integrated mechanism, electricity and liquid. It is composed of structure section, driving force section and control section. Structure section is composed of base support, translation support, hoisting support, new rail clamp, new lift rail clamp, clamp, lift rail clamp, track clamp, rail blocking support and track gauge support. Driving force section is composed of power unit and storage battery, while the control section is composed of hydraulic pressure control and electrical control system.

Main Characteristics

1.  The actuator of this device adopts fully hydraulic transmission, the control section adopts wireless remote method.

2.  This device is with mobile clamp, track gauge support and pressure rail wheel to prevent the turnover and transformation of the rail, it is convenient for the track to be shelved, prevent the flat car being off the road.

3. The device is installed on single flat car NX70 adopting telescopic structure. Each mobile structure sets safety lock to the structure that is possibly affect personal safety and equipment safety with traveling alarm and monitoring directive function .

4. Single structure both sides can be coupling to decrease the preparing time of the operation.



HGCY06-ⅡModel Rail Replacement Device Night Operation

Equipment Composition Picture



Operating Interface

1.Main Interface

The function of main interface includes: hydraulic pump pressure, temperature status, oil pump starting status, remote one key turn on and off status, mobile car locking status, remote working status, hydraulic handle operating working status, touch screen and PLC communication status, system running status, emergency operation working status, track gauge support organization floating status, etc. Normal working status is when the communication status is the alternating flashing between red color and green color, the car locking is in red color, while the unlocking is in green color. All other status is in green color. If they are abnormal, it means their function does not start yet.


2.Parameter Setting Interface

Parameter setting interface could modify the oil cylinder pressure of all the actuator and the speed of the mechanism motion. User is able to correct the pressure and the flow in real time according to the reality.



3.Alarming Status

Alarming status could monitor the hydraulic pump running status, the existing of high voltage, the high temperature of the oil, the lower level of the liquid, the block of the oil filter and monitoring the fault status of the hydraulic pump motor running softer starter, etc. When it is alarming, the touch screen will be buzzing. 


4.Menu Bar and User Permission Login

The menu bar is used to switch interface and turn back to main interface. User Permission login is an alternative for users, when modifying the actuator oil cylinder pressure flow, users can set up user permission, but the management personnel is able to correct any parameters.

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