CHSR has seven system integration capabilities and can provide seven system integration solutions for rail transit throughout the entire rail transit field.

•Train maintenance system integration capability (7 EMU maintenance depots, 7 high-power locomotive maintenance depots, 46 EMU workshops, 56 maintenance depots, 54 depots, 36 urban rail transit lines, Beijing and Changsha lower-medium speed Maglev maintenance depots)
•Signal construction system integration capability (over 2,000 railway stations and 13 urban rail transit lines in China)
•Rail welding process system integration capability (13 rail welding depots)
•Catenary and pantograph detection system integration capability (over 2,000 sets on high-speed rails, subways and light rail lines)
•Traction converter system integration capability (13 urban rail transit lines)
•Big data building capability (18 railway bureaus)
Robot service capability ( the first EMU detection robot and the first locomotive detection robot in China, the first train washing robot, and the first porcelain bottle cleaning robot in China; In the following 1-2 years, disassembly, assembly and carrying robots will be developed)
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