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EMU Online Mobile Wheel Rim & Wheel Spoke Detection System (Model SU-1)

  EMU Online Mobile Wheel Rim & Wheel Spoke Detection System (Model SU-1) is suitable for wheel rim and spoke defect detection used on all types of EMU safety detection maintenance bases, ordinary rolling stock, metro, and etc. It is one of the core maintenance and safety equipment. It is able to detect two wheels of the same wheel set simultaneously by adopting 256 channel phased array technology. It can complete the detection of the wheels without disassembling any components. This technology has reached the international leading level.


1. Product Composition


Model SU-1 is composed of detecting little vehicle, wheel jacking & turning unit, phased array ultrasonic detecting units, probe assembly and intelligent flexible manipulators positioning unit, system control unit, ground control vehicles and comparing the specimen wheel and portable phase array detector, etc.


Equipment Full View


(1)Detecting Mini Vehicle:Detecting vehicle carries the whole detecting equipment. The positioning control system developed by CHSR could ensure the detecting mini vehicle to be positioned at the wheel accurately. It can position rapidly and accurately, and run stably.


(2)Wheel Jacking & Turning Unit:Wheel Jacking & Turning Unit is composed of jacking unit and turning unit. Jacking unit is to lift the wheel that is detected. The runner unit is to detect the rotating wheel. In addition, it could jack and drive wheels simultaneously.


(3)Phased Array Ultrasonic Detecting Unit:CHSR works with Canadian ZETEC to develop the phased array ultrasonic detecting based on the application of the railway wheel detection. This unit is responsible for controlling the probe to launch the ultrasonic wave and receive the back wave. It is with large capacity of data processing and conversion performance, basic software sharing, easy update and guaranteed data security. CHSR has got the autonomous control ability in core technology. This unit presents the most advanced level of the phased array ultrasonic technology in the world.



(4)Probe Assembly and Intelligent Flexible Manipulator Positioning Unit Probe assembly and intelligent flexible manipulators positioning unit: The four sets probe assembly aims to detect rims, spokes of the two wheels and the defects of the transitional region between the rims and the spokes simultaneously by using twelve phased array probes and twenty regular probes. This unit is able to achieve the control successfully in a teaching and playback mode ensuring that the probe assembly is adaptable to wheel space at the bottom of bogie from any types of train. Thus the probe can arrive at the detecting region accurately to complete the detection.



(5)System Control Unit:This unit includes data acquisition host, controller unit and water supply unit. The data acquisition host delivers the detecting data to the ground control vehicle in real time and the controller unit controls all the mechanical actions, while the water supply unit is in charge of supplying sufficient coupling water to the probes.


(6)Ground Control Vehicles:The ground control vehicle operates and controls the running of the entire equipment, receives the detecting data, generates readable display B and strip picture. It is with the function of data storage, historical data queries detecting and statistical report generating. The report is printable.


(7)Portable Phase Array Detector:It is working to perform the ultrasonic phase array detection of wheel rims & spokes from all kinds of EMU rolling stock. When the model SU-1 online mobile rim and spoke detector finds the defects, you may take the portable phase array detector to make a re-detection so that you could be able to review the equivalent of the defect, the depth and other specific information.


2.Product Characteristics


(1)It is able to complete the detecting work without removing sand pipes, cowcatchers and any other spare parts to prevent the parts loosening due to the frequent disassembly. The system adopts intelligent flexible manipulator unit. According to the wheel space at the bottom of the bogie, the probe unit could choose to reach the detecting region from either the front of wheel or the back of the wheel.



(2)The detecting vehicle is able to complete all the wheel detection through a single detecting. It is not necessary to build an interval of the wheel and turn around the vehicle. It simplifies the detecting process, and reduces the number of workers.


(3)Adopting double directions & double heads machine and probe assembly, the system realizes two-side detection of the same wheel set which has improved the detecting efficiency greatly.


(4)Every probe adopts independent water inlet and water storage tank, the coupling water reached the contact surface between the probe and the wheel. The coupling is uniform and stable enough to save the coupling water.



(5)Probe assembly and intelligent flexible manipulator positioning unit could accept artificial teaching in accordance with wheel space at the bottom of the bogie from all kinds of rolling stock. After learning, the equipment in the following detection is able to do intelligent recognition and position based on the artificial teaching path. It is adaptable to the wheel detection of EMU series rolling stock.


(6)The operating software is researched and developed independently by CHSR. It can be customized in terms of the requirements of users. The software is convenient to upgrade and maintain. It owns the functions of information collection, defect analysis, defect report, record management, inquiry, etc. Plus, it is with EMU information internet interface and huge data management center.

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