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Data Repair System


The data repair system is based on the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and special sensor technology. It collects large amounts of data from different systems of rolling stock, and monitors real-time and analyzes the mechanical and electrical status parameters, operational efficiency, and other performance index of rolling stock.
The system consists of maintenance system, maintenance system, equipment system, and logistics material system. It integrates data from people, machines, materials, methods, environment, and measurements to conduct multi-dimensional quality control.

(Data repair system working bench)

(Digital Measuring Tool)

(1)It could provide data support for the prevention of railway safety risks, optimization of overhaul techniques, improvement of inspection efficiency, and reduction of maintenance costs by large amounts of data collection, analysis and application.
(2)The three-tier data repair platform for the construction bureau, section, and workshop will realize the landing and coverage of its business.
(3)It integrates existing system data collection and data analysis and processing through application, maintenance, and overhaul, conducts pre-repair identification, repair-instruction guidance, and post-repair assessment to achieve data guidance and decision-making for the operation and maintenance of rolling stock.

(Digital Measuring Tool-data uploading)

(4)The simple and easy-to-use interface design can reduce input, use graphical displays, and increase system availability.
(5)The use of Internet of Things, access development and use of sensor technology can make data acquisition simple and convenient.
(6)With online editing, auditing, and publishing capabilities, you can set up  process requirements.
(7)With sound and light alarm function, when the operator took the wrong tool or return data exceeds the specified value, the system automatically alarms.
(8)The statistical analysis function can be analyzed by various dimensions such as people, departments, tools, types of work, teams, models, and vehicle numbers.

(Wireless tool integration)

(9)The application sharing function can be seamlessly integrated with the locomotive comprehensive maintenance management system, and the operational process data, personnel data, equipment data, etc. will be uploaded to the locomotive quality control system, resulting in an inspection and repair operation record in the locomotive comprehensive maintenance management system, improving the collection automation and objectification of maintenance data, so as to improve the accuracy of data collection and reduce the workload of employees.

(Real-time wireless return of data)

It is used in various types of maintenance assembly process and quality inspection scenarios of locomotives, vehicles, it has been successfully applied to Shanghai locomotive maintenance section, Lanzhou West locomotive section and so on.


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