Core Products

Maglev train maintenance system integration

  As the first equipment integrator for producing and assembling, application and maintenance, safety monitoring and data management of maglev train in China, CHSR is dedicated to producing, developing and manufacturing for two systems which are "low & medium-speed maglev bogie producing assembly line" and "complete equipment and information management system in the field of depot application maintenance".

Low & medium-speed maglev bogie assembly line equipment includes maglev single module overturning assembly intelligent machine, the entire system assembly station, maglev bogie comprehensive test platform. The function is to assemble the single parts into a separate module group, then to combine separate module groups into a total maglev bogie product, and finally, to carry out the overall performance test of maglev bogie to ensure the eligibility of maglev key parameters and dimensions.

The integrated equipment system in rolling stock depot. It mainly includes all the required equipment and maintenance information management system for daily, weekly, monthly, half yearly, yearly maintenance, fixed (temporary) maintenance, frame maintenance which add up to 1100 types in the rolling stock depot. Besides, CHSR also collaborates with maglev vehicle manufacturing plants, research units and design institutes to develop core equipment which fills in the technology gap in China.

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