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Intelligent Inspection Robot on vehicle’s roof

The intelligent roof inspection robot can realize fault diagnosis, size measurement, tension detection for pantographs, circuit breakers, and insulators, and cleaning, maintenance for insulators on roofs. It  completely covers the preparation work of current locomotives.
Market status
This product is domestic initiative, the technology is leading in market.


(Intelligent Inspection Robot on vehicle’s roof)


(1)The positioning system includes a locomotive positioning and secondary machine vision positioning, which has a good adaptability to the existing production environment and product differences.

(Positioning before cleaning)

(2)The equipment has a reasonable structure and layout, sufficient rigidity and strength, and it can be installed and operated directly in the existing depot.
(3)The intellectualization of equipment is very high, and the cleaning and patrol are unmanned.


(4)The equipment has perfect system protection function, the control circuit possesses interlock protection, and the moving parts are provided with soft protection and mechanical limit force protection.
(5)The system is controlled by an industrial computer and has a friendly operation interface. It can monitor the workflow and status of the entire equipment, it has functions such as data storage and recall, which can predict failure, maintenance and other management functions.
It has been applied to the Nanjing East Depot.

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