● Locomotive Related Products

Intelligent inspection robot for vehicle bottom

Intelligent inspection robot for vehicle roof

On-line mobile ultrasonic flaw detector for wheel rim and spoke of EMU

Mobile ultrasonic flaw detector for hollow axle of EMU (SUN-I type)

On-line detection system for wheel faults

Bogie dynamic load test bench

Bogie static load test bench

Oil monitoring system

Vehicle cleaning machine

Wheelset dimension measuring machine

Dynamic Image Detection System (TEDS) for EMU Running Faults

Bus Fault Roadside Image Detection System (TVDS)

Automatic recognition and early warning system for truck fault images (TFDS-IV)

Dynamic monitoring system of locomotive running gear

Dynamic Inspection System for Wheelset Size of Freight Cars (TWDS)

On-line intelligent detection system for EMU entry

Passenger train wireless local area network system (PWES)

Ultrasonic flaw detector for fixed hollow shaft of EMU (HAT-M05)

Wheel follow-up flaw detection system

Automatic out-of-phase detection system

360-degree tread image detection system

Measuring system for external dimensions and diameters of high-speed wheels

Dynamic detection system of locomotive wheel weight

Intelligent detection and matching system of pillow spring

Intelligent linked car tractor

Axle size measuring machine

Journal size measuring machine

Wheel bore measuring machine

Bearing bore measuring machine

Wheelset press loading and unloading machine

Unloading machine for bearing axle box

Mobile press mounting and unloading machine

Wheelset transport vehicle

Frame conveyor car

Bogie lifting

Frame turnover machine

Mobile car frame machine

Fixing lathe.

Undercar purging equipment

Vehicle-mounted clearance detection device

Gearbox oil washer

Motor and electric appliance purging equipment

Motor cleaning machine

Fixed gauge detection device

Contact wheelset dimension measuring machine

Contact intelligent inspection instrument for rim tread

Running-in test-bed for wheelset

Bogie decomposition press machine

Bogie cleaning machine

Data recording and wireless communication system

Real-time detection system of shaft temperature

Bogie instability detection system

Vehicle-mounted stationarity detection system

Stereoscopic library

Torsional torque control management system

Image car number recognition module

Intelligent handset

Condition monitoring system of high voltage electrical apparatus

Portable equipment

Locomotive products

Power products

Overhaul line series

Teaching and training products

● Rail Related Products

  GFJZ-50 full-face milling center for rail welds

GFJX-100 CNC fine milling machine tool for rail weld

GQCX-220 rail rust remover before welding

LDPY-100 automatic rail loading device

Centralized control system for synchronous positioning of long rails

Automatic flaw detector for rail weld

Double-track rail ultrasonic flaw detection vehicle

GCS-100 rail dehumidifying and rust removing integrated machine

Intelligent rail selection system

CBJC-100A rail misalignment detection device after welding

PZJC-120 type flatness automatic detection device (name)

GZH-70 complete set of rail post-weld heat treatment equipment

Hgcy06-ⅱ rail changing device

GKSC-2000 rail fastener collecting device

GMC4 rail grinding device

HZJ-45 pillow changing machine

Mobile rail welding car

GKY-X intelligent analyzer for rail profile

GKY05-D rail wear measuring instrument

Track fastener detection system

● Power Supply Products


OCS safety inspection device (2C)

Running state detection device (3C) of vehicle-mounted catenary

A catenary suspension state detection and monitoring device (4C)

Pantograph sliding plate monitoring device (5C)

● Yard Products

  Unmanned control device of shunting machine

CPZ-100 Overload and Unbalance Load Detection Device

Automatic track scale without rail break

Uninterrupted beamless automatic track scale

Automatic track scale of broken track series

Static electronic track scale

Centralized safety monitoring system for cargo inspection station

Over-limit detection device for railway freight cars

High-definition video surveillance system for railway freight transportation (linear array)

High-definition video surveillance system for railway freight transportation (area array)

Automatic identification system of railway car numberRail Transit Signal Products

● Signal Products

Computer interlocking system (CI)

Train control center system (TCC)

Decentralized Autonomous Dispatching Centralized System (CTC)

Signal Centralized Monitoring System (CSM)

Transponder (Balise)

Temporary speed limit server system (TSRS)

Ground electronic unit (LEU)

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