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Double track ultrasonic flaw detection vehicle

The double track ultrasonic flaw detection vehicle adopts a fully self-developed parallel UT processing technology to realize non-destructive flaw detection of double-sided rails and supports up to 32 channels of ultrasonic signal processing. The flaw detection equipment adopts a wheel-type integrated probe structure. A plurality of piezoelectric crystal probes with different angles are integrated and installed in the probe wheel. At the same time, the ultrasonic signal is activated and echo signal is received, so that the accuracy of flaw detection is high, and it is suitable for high-speed rail, existing lines, subways, light rails and all rail lines.

Testing in Eastern Suburbs of CHINA

(model drawings of detection trolley)

(1)Wide range of applications: Suitable for all rail lines of high-speed rail, existing lines (passenger, freight), subway and light rail; compatible with all rail types 43-75kg/m.
(2)Strong environmental adaptability: it could work in small rain, snow, night, maximum 175mm superelevation, minimum 160m curve radius and 35 ‰ gradient operation, -25 °C low temperature operation.
(3)The detection speed is fast: the flaw detection speed is 5-15km/h, and the non-working speed is 20km/h.
(4)High precision of flaw detection: 10 probes on one side, the sampling interval is less than 3mm, which guarantees the precision of flaw detection.

(Flaw Detector Software Operation Interface)

(5)Wide range of flaw detection:
Meet the TB/T2340-2012 standard and the CRC TJ/GW157-2017 technical specification requirements, standard test block 100% artificial injury detection.
(6)Lightweight design:
The overall modular design, 8 components disassembly, the weight of single component does not exceed 60kg, easy to up and down the track.
The product has been tested for functionality and performance in the Beijing Subway Sihui depot and the Eastern Suburbs of CHINA ACADEMY OF RAILWAY SCIENCES.
Main technical parameters:

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