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Wheel Malfunction Online Detection System

  Wheel malfunction online detection system mainly consists of wheel in-depth detection system, wheel shape dimension detection system, and wheel treads abrasion detection system, vehicle number recognition, safety monitoring system, etc. It is of fully automation and full angle detection which reaches the international advanced level.


Wheel malfunction online detection system is mainly installed in locomotive depot, service yard, rolling stock depot, EMU service workshop, metro depot and the entering bottleneck in other maintenance places. It operates automatically while the train is passing through: 1. Lower parts of wheel tread deep detection, including rim circumferential cracks, radial cracks, tread peeling, the rim radial cracks and other defects. 2. Wheel set tread abrasion, wheel flange thickness, wheel rim height, wheel set inner distance, wheel diameter, rim diameter, wheel flange Qr value, wheel flange vertical rim abrasion and etc. 3. Quantitative detection scratches (flat wheel) of wheel tread rolling round and etc. one- time detection with no returning, stopping and no wheel removing. The whole detection process which is working in unattended mode needs no workers to intervene. It issues pre-warning while exceeding alert values and issue real time warning while exceeding limited value. The system does the long-term statistics on the wheel set status, analysis, calculation and tracking. It is expected to provide the basis for guiding wheel maintenance and lathing. The detection system provides long term data statistics, analysis, calculation and tracing for wheel set status as well as providing data basis and guidance for wheel set maintenance and lathing.

Wheel detection system

The detection system focuses on detecting circumferential rim cracks, radial cracks and shallow surface peeling and other similar defects of wheel set, wheel rim and wheel strake as well as detecting the radical cracks on wheel flanges, which make the major hazard defects nowhere to hide so as to ensure the running safety of the train.

The system features::

(1)Detection can be deeper and more comprehensive. It can detect wheel set circumferential rim cracks, radial cracks, rim flange cracks which clearly targets at frequent rim cracks of the whole wheel.

(2) Highly automatic: The detecting system operates in unattended mode with no stopping, lifting and no robot hand involved.

(3) Highly efficient: One time passing detection. Issuing results in 2 minutes.

(4)Complete data service: It establishes wheel set comprehensive database and backup database for users.

(5) Reliable technical services:Combing active service, regular service with emergency service, it establishes regional service responsibility system to ensure service efficiency and quality.


Outer wheel shape dimension detection system

The wheel shape dimensions detection system uses high-speed camera to take the picture of linear laser light source while the wheel set is passing through so as to extract relevant information for detecting the key wheel set shape dimensions and tread contour curves. Detection: tread abrasion and wear, rim height, flange thickness, rim thickness, wheel set inner distance, wheel diameter, rim flange Qr value, vertical rim wear of wheel flange and other parameters.

The system features:

(1) It is using multiple images to substitute single image which effectively avoids the adverse effects caused by rail deformation, wheel speed and diameter changes.

(2) It is specially designed to make the camera and laser work together without any effects on accuracy under strong light or at night, thus it does need installation of light block shed;

(3) The design of water circulation system ensures constant temperature of the detection box so as to avoid effects on accuracy caused by temperature variation.

(4) Detecting box is installed on rail with convenient installation and maintenance, thus it doesn't need to pour the whole track bed.

Wheel tread abrasion detection system

It is mainly used to detect wheel abrasions of the tread (flat wheel) so as to avoid low passenger comfort caused by wheel abrasion, aggravated damages caused by increased vehicle shaking and track damages caused by wheel shocking.

The system features:

(1) It obliviously reduces the shock and vibration. The unique design of dampers effectively avoids pendulum shock and vibration caused by the wheel flange. Thus it makes higher measurement accuracy.

(2) Strong Adaptability: It is able to remove the adverse effects on results caused by the temporary stop, acceleration and deceleration.

(3) It is with two-way traffic detect function: The structure design of the system can meet the requirements of two way detection which is more stable, and more practical.

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