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EMU Shunting Safety Monitoring System (Position Tracking)

System Introduction

EMU Shunting safety monitoring system (position tracking) is to monitor and manage the EMU enter and exit of the depot as well as its location in the depot based on the locomotive number recognition, locomotive location acquisition, video monitoring and other automatic acquisition information equipment as well as modern information management method. It mainly includes EMU location in EMU depot, the locomotive recognition of entering & existing the depot, EMU location tracking in real time, EMU end position display, meanwhile, it provides accurate and visualized display and maintaining dispatching operation safety monitoring of the EMU depot dispatching operation and operation supervision.


System Characteristics



1. Locomotive No. Automatic Recognition

It adopts image and locomotive number recognition method, it can help you check its number and show the locomotive number picture. It is very convenient to verify the data and track the history data. Meanwhile, it could optimize the number algorithm according to the EMU characteristics (Every group locomotive number is regular, only the last code is different).

2.Image locomotive recognition does not depend on the label, it solves the problem that part of locomotives are not with label or the abnormity of the label. For example, selecting dual mode locomotive number will greatly improve the security of the system.

3、Locomotive position acquisition can be classified inside position acquisition and outside centralized area position acquisition. Centralized area position acquisition supports multi acquisition modes, supports electrical interface and attain information combining locomotive acquisition equipment to decrease rail side equipment, the construction and the maintenance as well.

4、EMU dispatching center position tracking screen station displays supporting imaging customize deign with displaying station and rolling stock information truly

5. Position tracking system supports other systems interface

Position tracking system supports dispatching system, it combines fine with dispatching system.


 System Overall Network Structure Picture


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