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System Integration of EMU Wheel Axle and Wheel Set Maintenance Line

  CHSR owns the national patents on EMU wheel axle / wheel set assembly maintenance system integration. The capability of system integration has reached international advanced level.

This system integration consists of wheel set disassembly, axle maintenance, wheel maintenance, wheel set assembly test unit. Wheel axle assembly maintenance line includes component dismantling, rust removal, paint stripping, rinsing, inspection, ultrasonic detection, magnetic particle detection, oil filling, wheel brake disc lathing, wheel set pressing mounting, resistance test, wheel set pressure testing, wheel detection, dynamic balance test, wheel set paint drying, axle journal measuring, bearing press mounting, axle box assembly, and wheel set running test.

Work pieces of the entire process are conveyed on line automatically. The maintenance line is centrally managed by wheel axle assembly maintenance management system to realize information exchange between machines. The maintenance and inspection information of each work position will be sent to wheel axle assembly maintenance management control system which will in turn guide each work position to inspect and repair.

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