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Dispatch Emergency Command System

Product Function:
The dispatch emergency command system consists of an emergency command software platform, a smart cooperative network device, and a smart wearable device,including the overlooking, side view management of the Danda high-speed rail line, audio and video command, emergency information, plan management and other functions. The dispatch center has functions such as on-site restoration, on-site video command, emergency handling, and comprehensive information query.

Field Application Photo

Software - Line Video Functional Diagram

Product features:

  1. Through the smart wearable device, video information can be displayed in real time, and the problem of the on-site situation cannot be solved immediately.
  2. The side and top views of the uplink and downlink lines are displayed to visually express information such as trains, lines, catenary, bridges, tunnels, and rivers. At the same time, related peripheral resources such as hospitals, fire stations, and stations can be inspected to assist dispatchers in quickly restoring site conditions.
  3. By marking and simulating the location of trains on the relevant information in the phase-separation zone, the positional relationship between the pantograph and the catenary is accurately determined, and the problem of rapid discrimination and complex handling of multi-professionals can be solved.
  4. It integrates a variety of information to achieve the query function and solve the problem of low information query efficiency.

At present, the project has been applied to Shenyang Railway Bureau Danda high-speed rail line.


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