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Computer Interlocking System

Computer interlocking system is comprehensively used computer technology, network communication technology and modern control technology. It controls the dynamic turnout, color light signal and other signal equipment by electronic information transmission mode to achieve automatic control of the station signal system.

Railway station is to control the train and train team based on establishing access way. Computer interlocking system is to ensure the correct relationship among the signals, turnout and the access by computer calculation method to meet the need of all stations, parking lot transportation operation and guarantee the train running safety, improve transportation efficiency and working condition, it is the development direction of station signal equipment control system and it is the important foundation to achieve railway modernization. Computer locking system is the core foundation equipment of railway station to ensure the trains and train teams running safety. Currently, our main computer locking system model is EI32-JD.

Model EI32-JD computer locking system is to perform locking calculation function in railway signal control system. It accepts operation command and input outdoor signal equipment status via driving acquisition circuit and perform locking safety logic calculation then transmit the collection information to operation machine. The basic locking system function including: access establishment, access locking, access unlocking, signal machine control, turnout control and passenger dedicated function. Their main characteristics are as follow:

1. Locking machine is double 2-vote-2 structure, it divided intoⅠand Ⅱ system, two systems are thermal synthesis.

2. The locking function is separated from the driving collection function, each driving collection machine is double 2-vote-2 redundant structure.

3. Mono system is with double CPU structure, the double systems are independent with self discipline function.

4. The locking machine and the driving collection machine adopt double loop optical cable to form dedicated LAN, the physical channel is with double redundancy.

5. The final stage of the relay output driving adopts independent power supply isolation technology to prevent the maloperation of the relay due to the line swinging cross.

6. The operation machine is double active standby structure.

7. It supports equipment centralized and decentralized.


EI32-JD Mode Computer Interlocking System Hardware Structure Picture


Computer locking system cabinet 


CI Scene Dispatching Hall


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