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Multi-channel big data wireless transmission system

The multi-channel big data wireless transmission system consists of on-board equipment and abovefloor equipment. By means of Smart Collaboration Patent + LTE-U technology, the on-board equipment is automatically connected and the high-speed transmission is performed when the locomotives and vehicles enter the station. When the system moves to the next base station, the system can automatically switch. The wireless automatic transmission of all business documents can be completed within the specified time. It is the only way to achieve high speed and automatic transmission of 6A video data during the preparation process of locomotives.
Market status
This product is domestic initiative, the technology is leading in market.

(vehicle-ground Transmission System – Panorama)

(Field application diagram)

(1)Smart collaboration
National 973 collaborative patents and advanced data algorithms are used. Smart collaborative multi-channel wireless link makes data transmission paralleling.


(on-board equipment)

(Antenna on roof)

(2)High speed of movement
It can switch automatically during the movement, the continuous average rate within the station field could be up to 200Mbps, the technology rate has increased 5-6 times comparing to WiFi.
(3)Unique in Chinese railway
It is the only system in Chinese railway that can complete the wireless automatic transmission of locomotive 6A video files within the specified time.
(4)real time monitoring
Through the system management interface, the detailed information of the transmitted file and the overall transmission rate can be monitored in real time.

(system interface)

At present, the system is being piloted at the Lanzhou Railway Bureau.
Abovefloor equipment


On-board Equipment



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