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EMU Oil Monitoring System

  EMU oil monitoring system is to be used at railway EMU depot and EMU service workshop in order to carry out oil sample collecting, assaying, preparing test result statistics and analyzing of EMU key running components (gearbox, air compressor, transformer, and bearing), and to provide data support for the maintenance of EMU key running components. For this purpose, CHSR will provide a series of oil monitoring instrument and equipment, EMU oil monitoring & analysis system and statistics analysis modeling and management process. The requirements of EMU key running components oil monitoring can be met by setting up the model of oil monitoring analysis management suitable for EMU. CHSR is the first EMU oil monitoring system integration provider in the world and fills in the gap of this field.



The EMU oil monitoring & analysis system is being developed independently based on oil (grease) test data, together with EMU operation and maintenance information, theory of friction and wear, mathematical statistics, and oil monitoring technology. By analyzing test data of oil (grease) utilized by EMU main components, the system sets standard for monitoring and warning threshold values. Meanwhile, the system diagnoses EMU main components operating status and provides decision making basis for inspection and maintenance of EMU key running components.

By monitoring EMU oil, lubricating and abrasion status of each EMU component can be traced and potential equipment malfunction can be pre-estimated. Shut-down time will be reduced and safety operation of EMU will be guaranteed.

In EMU oil monitoring system, assay and test data can be stored, inquired, printed, analyzed and diagnosed, and a report will be generated automatically serving as the basis of maintenance.


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