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Rain Running Fault 3D Image Detecting System

  Product Introduction

Train running fault 3D image detecting system acquires the 3D image of the running train side and its bottom and adopts binocular automatic recognition technology to make automatic analysis and grading early warning of the running train anomalies. This system is suitable to EMUs, freight trains, locomotives and passenger trains.


Product Composition

The product (sounding station equipment) composes of rail side equipment and machine room as image shows below:

Products Characteristics


  1. The system adopts 3D imaging technology and decrease the quantity false alarm quantity by using deep stereoscopic information due to the waterlogging, chalk marks and dust to realize the high accuracy of the false and make automatic diagnose and early warning.
  2. The system adopts module design to achieve fast replacement and recovery on line and careful maintenance module off line to save time of the maintenance people and ensure the safety of the train running & the operators.
  3. The system which is with blowing rust removal and drainage device, is able to monitor the equipment running status remotely. Additionally, it could cut off & restart the IPC and collector to decrease the quantity of the maintenance work on line.

 Xinzhou West On Site Equipment Picture-EMU(TEDS)


Hudong Rolling Stock Depot On Site Equipment Picture-Freight Train(TFDS)


On Site Equipment Picture-Locomotive(LEDS)


Zhengzhou On Site Equipment Picture-Passenger Train(TVDS)


Side Frame 3D Dimension Picture

Bottom 3D Dimension Picture


                                   Obvious Artificial Mark 2D Picture (False Alarm)                            Interference Removed 3D Information Picture(No Alarm


 Foreign Bodies


 Unclosed Water Filling Nozzle


EMU Bottom 2D Picture                                                             3D Angle 1

3D Angle 2                                                                      3D Angle 3

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