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Power supply system BIM platform


The rail transit power supply system BIM platform is developed based on WEBGL. It has a multi-platform model import interface, a lightweight 3D graphics engine, a form customization engine, a process customization engine, a model animation production engine, a model version comparison engine, and a model AR navigation engine. Based on the above-mentioned engine development, design, construction, operation and maintenance of various stages of BIM applications, a full life cycle solution for rail transit power supply system could be provided.
The platform supports the import of Revit and Bentley models, breaking the data isolation between the two BIM modeling platforms and solves the problem of model islanding. The platform is positioned in the service rail transit industry and provides digital system solutions for rail transit contact network engineering.

(BIM platform panorama)

(1)multiple modeling platform BIM model import
Revit and Microstation model import are available. It breaks data isolation between modeling platforms and solves model islanding problems.
(2)Excellent band project support
It provides solutions for the rail transit contact network project. Hybrid dynamic loading technology is used to support the band project.
(3)Lightweight model loading
The platform's 3D graphics engine is built using a hybrid lightweight processing technology that can carry the full BIM model of the subway without stress. The entire professional platform of the subway could complete the model and display it smoothly.

(Progress management function)

(4)Cross-operating platform collaboration
Based on WEBGL development, it is easy to operate on web browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox browser) with WEBGL function, to achieve cross-operation platform cooperation. Mobile phones, computers, and tablets can all browse the model smoothly.
(5)Model Animation Engine
With the model animation production engine, the user can use the BIM model loaded on the platform to define the movement of the model in the scene. It can quickly complete the process of animation production, simulation of construction and large-scale equipment transport program, evacuation animation production and so on.

(Model Animation Engine)

(6)Customizable process engine
With advanced process engines, users can create processes that meet their own needs in the platform as administrators according to their business needs.
(7)Customizable form engine
With an advanced form engine, users can create a form in accordance with their own needs as an administrator in the platform to meet their own needs, and use associating with process.
(8)Model version management
With the model version comparison engine, it is possible to compare the changes in the addition, deletion, and modification of various components of the BIM model in different versions of the platform. You can visually display the differences in different versions of the model in the interface.
(9)AR/VR technical service
With the AR roaming engine, the model can be used for AR display on multi-device platforms such as mobile phones, tablets, and AR glasses without install of any plug-ins.

(AR roaming engine)

Currently it has been applied to the Beijing-Shenyang Passenger Line, Xi’an-Chengdu Passenger Line, Yinchuan-Xi’an Passenger Line, Guangzhou Metro Line 7, Guangzhou Metro Line 9, Guangzhou Metro Line 18/22, and Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-Speed Rail.

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