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EMU Bogie Maintenance Line System Integration

  This system integration is made up of bogie disassembly, frame maintenance, bogie assembly test and other units. It mainly includes bogie parts disassembly, cleaning, inspecting, frame components disassembly, paint stripping, magnetic particle detection, paint drying, frame overturning, inspection & measurement, components assembly, bogie frame and wheel set assembly, motor assembly, primary suspension assembly, static pressure test, air tightness test and electrical comprehensive test, and etc.

The work pieces are using online automatic transmission. While the bogie disassembly maintenance management control system performs the unified management on the maintenance line to achieve the information exchange between equipment.

The inspection information will be sent to bogie disassembly maintenance management control system which is responsible for instructing the maintenance of each station.

This system integration forms unified overall maintenance line design mode by adopting streamlined production mode, control, logistics, equipment, stations and tooling. All the station equipment are connected organically and flexibly to ensure reliable system performance, satisfying functions, swift automatic logistics, safe & flexible procedures and convenient maintenance & operation, as well as to ensure the smooth procedure flow, logistics flow and information flow.

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