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Mobile Hollow Shaft Ultrasonic Detector (SUN-I Model)

  The mobile hollow shaft ultrasonic detector (SUN-I Model) is an automatic detecting equipment that specially used to detect all sorts of defects of the hollow shafts including the surface fatigue defects and internal volume defects. It is one of the core maintenance equipment for high speed railway and EMU safety. Meanwhile, it is also used in the rolling stock manufacturing plant and metro (utilizing hollow axle) maintenance.


The SUN-I Model is composed of ultrasonic controller, the feeler lever system, linked drive system, detector control system and overall mechanical components.


1.Ultrasonic Controller


Ultrasonic controller is both the heart and the core technology of hollow shaft ultrasonic detector. It is composed of hardware detection circuit, embedded CPU, A/D converter, protective shell with semiconductor cooling, and detecting software. The main function is to transmit pulse to launch the wafer generating ultrasonic wave and receive ultrasonic signal and achieve signal processing and digital conversion. It is able to identify the 3-D distance of the probe movement and upload the ultrasonic digital signal and the probe position as well as the control information to the computer. The ultrasonic controller is researched and developed in three years by CHSR. This has made a technology breakthrough. In this case, the core technology is no longer controlled by other companies. It passed the provincial new product technology identification in July, 2013.


2.Feeler Lever System


The feeler lever is with creative structure and probe arrangement and characterized in equilibrium stability, accurate rotary centering, good coupling efficiency, oil-proof, etc.

Firstly, the brand new sealed rotary oil chamber technology makes the coupled oil stored in a confined space to ensure the excellent coupling efficiency. In addition, it could protect the probe very well and solved the previous bad coupling problem of feeler lever system.

Secondly, CHSR has designed innovative coupling oil recovery system in the feeler lever rotary oil chamber. In this case, the feeler lever will be with double oil systems which is consisted of oil supply system and absorption oil system. The coupling press is stable enough to ensure the coupling oil staying in the rotary sealed oil chamber so that the other parts of the feeler lever could be separated from the oil. It solves the electronic components malfunction problem due to the oil leakage because of the feeler lever immersing into the oil.

Thirdly, in CHSR has innovatively designed the input mechanism guiding pulley to ensure the concentricity of the feeler lever and the hollow shafts inner hole so to make the detection process run smoothly. It also ensures the stability of the coupling lateral movement.

Fourthly, the locally produced feeler lever has passed the technology assessment of Shanghai Railway Bureau.



3.Linked Drive System


Two Features of Linked Drive System:

Firstly, the linked drive system and the entire train has adopted integrated design and got the intellectual property right. The system is composed of the feeler lever propulsion, rotary system, chain drive system, mechanical balance arm and linked drive device. This design ensures that the coupling oil could return to the train oil tank. The train mechanical balance arm supports the feeler lever due to the integrated structure. The hanging gravity of the axle shaft is very small after the hanging so as to effectively avoid the damage of the axle shaft cover and the screw thread. It adopts fast locking system which is able to connect the flange with the adaptor and lock them at the same time. Convenient manual connection has reduced labor intensity and increased the operation efficiency.


Secondly, the linked drive system can accommodate 30-110mm diameter feeler lever system including the Φ30mm feeler lever system, the Φ39mm feeler lever system, the Φ60mm feeler lever system and the Φ65 feeler lever system etc. The system is able to detect the different inner diameter of the hollow axles respectively. With support of positioning mechanism, it can be easily switched by changing the placing tubes of different feeler lever system for solving the problem of compatibility.


4.Detector Control System


Taking the independently developed ultrasonic controller as its core, integrated with various mechanical transmission, rotary mechanism and feeler lever system, the entire control system is with completely independent intellectual property rights and it is composed of ultrasonic data processing, analysis unit, connecting drive system control unit, couplant system control unit, mechanical scan unit and display operation unit, etc.



5.Overall Mechanical Components


The mechanical system of detecting equipment is composed of equipment main parts, linked drive mechanism, supporting balance arm mechanism, equipment walking mechanism as well as walking control mechanism and operation unit. The equipment is small, exquisite, and light, which is easy and convenient to operate.


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