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Intelligent Permanent Way Disaster Detecting System

Product Function
The Intelligent Permanent Way Disaster Detecting System can automatically identify and pre-alarm the disaster, providing the basis for taking emergency measures in time and ensuring operation safety. The system adopts a high-definition smart camera, utilizes independently developed machine vision detection technology, disaster image comparison technology, and intelligent monitoring platform to achieve the real-time alarm of natural disasters such as invasion of foreign matters, ballast flushing, water mantras and over-limit of water level.

(Equipment Panorama)

(Operation interface)

Product features:

  1. Intelligent identification: The embedded hardware system of the camera is different from the traditional video acquisition device, which can complete image intelligence analysis and intelligent processing on site.
  2. Real-time alarming: When the abnormality is found, it is transmitted and alarmed through the network at the first time. The system will not occupy the network bandwidth when there is no abnormality. The system provides sound and light alarm though the monitoring platform, as well as SMS notifications and mobile APP information to realize the real-time synchronization of data information in Permanent Way Depot and the Railway Administration Command Center.
  3. All-weather Monitoring: The system can work 7 * 24 hours, and fill light with "non-visible infrared light" at night.


(Equipment details)

  1. High reliability: The smart cameras, light sources, network equipment, cables and other equipment and materials adopted in the system have reached military standards, which can be used in northern alpine regions. Operating temperature: -40 - +50 ° C. Protection class: IP65.
  2. On-site restoration and data traceability: Disaster scene video restoration can be viewed through the system and master the whole process of disaster occurrence; the summary of live historical image and data information can be queried the database.
  3. Emergency plan push: In addition to sound and light alarms, the system will automatically push disaster-related emergency response plans and rescue information at the same time.

Application cases
At present, foreign matters invasion and water level monitoring project have been applied to Shenyang-Jilin line.
Product parameters

Intelligent high-definition area-array camera (black and white)200W pixel
Minimum resolution of rockfall abnormal alarm150mm
Water level detection accuracy30mm
StorageFault information and pictures are stored for two years
Work environmentIntelligent image acquisition unit: -40 ~ 50 °C;
Ground analysis center: -10 ~ 25 °C
Protection classIP65


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