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Locomotive online mobile rim spoke ultrasonic flaw detector

Locomotives on-line mobile wheel rim spoke ultrasonic flaw detection machine is applied to on-line inspection scanning of high-power locomotive wheels, which can detect rim defects on the rim, and spoke plate and internal defects.

(1)The locomotive bogies are not disassembled, and the wheel detection of various locomotive such as Harmony, Shaoshan, and Dongfeng are completed online.
(2)It adopts robotic technology, which is flexible in its operation. The wheel scanning can be completed without disassembling the sand pipes and the troubleshooters.
(3)The flaw detection trolley can complete all the wheel inspections in a single pass, without interval wheel inspection and reversing operations, which greatly simplifies the inspection process and reduces the workload of inspection personnel.

(Smart and flexible ultrasonic probe)

(4)It has a manual teaching mode to adapt to the wheelset space at the bottom of different types of bogies.
(5)It adopts phase ultrasonic testing technology, the scanning is flexible and can adapt to different shapes of wheel detection.
(6)Water coupling is used for flaw detection, which has low cost and no pollution.
(7)It possesses completely independent intellectual property rights and can be customized according to user needs.
(8)The probe is designed with dedicated water supply and storage tanks, and the coupling effect is stable.

(1)The device is mobile and uses 64/256 (or 32/128) channel phased array flaw detection technology.
(2)The equipment is an automatic flaw detection equipment and adapts to the models: HXD series/HXN series/SS series/DF series.
Technical parameters:

  • Test time≤ 15 min/wheelset
  • Scanning time: ≤ 3 min/wheelset
  • Probe angle: 0°~ 80°
  • Wheel speed: Three-shift adjustable
  • Maximum detectable axle load: 36t
  • Adaptable wheel diameter range: 950~1250mm
  • self-propelled speed range of the detection trolley: 0~300mm/s
  • Probe positioning unit with collision protection: Maximum collision force<0.3kg

(4)Testing Equivalent Specifications
Wheel rim defect equivalents
defect on Rim top: 15mm Long×3mm deep
fatigue defect of Wheel rim: Φ2×100mm Cross hole
Defect equivalents of various parts of the spokes (adapted to the overall silicon steel wheels)
axial defect on Spoke: Φ5 Cross hole
Radial defect on Spoke: 20mm long ×3mm deep
(5)environmental conditions

  • Ambient temperature: 0℃~+55℃
  • Altitude: 3000m
  • Relative humidity: the monthly average is not more than 90%, and the maximum relative humidity is not more than 95%.


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