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Running Preparation Comprehensive Information Management System

  System Introduction

The Locomotive preparation management system abides by China Railway Transportation No. 90, 2013 about strengthen locomotive preparation ability construction instructive suggestions and accords to the construction standard of Technology Specification of the Locomotive preparation management subsystem combines locomotive depot preparation status & practical management requirements, centers the preparation site integrates resource to form overall solutions and achieves the locomotive preparation management, locomotive preparation quality control & information management of locomotive quality analysis control.

It mainly includes preparation site electronic map, locomotive preparation management, the oil statistics & oil-water assay analysis, locomotive comprehensive pre warning, locomotive checking & special rectification, maintenance information, location data collection, locomotive maintenance management.


System Characteristics

The electronic sand table displays the locomotive type, No., location, status and other key information in real time after comprehensive processing. You can get more specified information about the locomotive preparation by locomotive No., additionally, you could also finish the dispatch of the preparation by electronic sand stable which displays the information preparation.

 Picture 1 Electronic map


2. Personnel position adopts specialized wireless technology to position personnel that works in the preparation site key operation area. Meanwhile, it positions the trench of the locomotive preparation and the train roof light key operation area. It is able to achieve the pre warning of the basic operation process and the standard & digitalization of the personnel operation process.

3. Locomotive positioning technology supports track circuit location to position locomotive location photoelectricity acquisition equipment, satellite positioning method, wireless differential positioning and multi poisoning methods integration positioning methods according to the station situation and practical requirements to set reasonable positioning method and satisfy locomotive positioning requirements.

Picture 2 Personnel Positioning                                                  Picture 3 Locomotive Positioning


4. The Locomotive could sign itself when exit and enter the garage, it is not necessary to bother the working people. It adopts image and locomotive No. to make automatic recognition when siging automatically. Apart from seeing the locomotive No., it could also shows the No. picture. In this case, it will be very convenient to verify the data and track the history data. It meets the preparation system automatic locomotive No. recognition requirements. Meanwhile, it decreas the signing time and improve the operation efficiency.


Picture 4 Intelligent Locomotive No. Recognition            Picture 5 Preparation Site Comprehensive Monitoring Video


5. The preparation servicing process is closed loop control. Preparation comprehensive information management system is a management system of the locomotive depot to achieve errands, ground checking, maintenance (including small maintenance, temporary maintenance), burning the whole, maintenance, clean-keeping, data preparation and other preparation functions. It could automatically acquire the equipment, locomotive location acquisition device, personnel location acquisition device, handset, station terminal, video recording flashlight as well as other equipment, then integrate preparation related external systems and make analysis of the centralized data processing to meet the data preparation requirement and centralize the data at the dispatch center to reflect them ensuring the locomotive depot could effectively get the acquisition, manage & make analysis of the preparation operation and locomotive quality information and ensuring the locomotive can be maintained and detected timely and effectively.


Picture 6 System Main Function Module  


6. The Locomotive preparation management system is to design centralized on locomotive preparation business, it is divided into depot system and bureau system and provides information for China Railway Corporation in real time and achieves rank 3 network.


 Picture 7 System Network Structure


Picture 8 Locomotive Depot Preparation Centralized Dispatch Room Application Site



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