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GFJX-100 Steel Rail Welding Joint CNC Milling Machine Tool

GFJX-100 Steel Rail Welding Joint CNC Precision Milling Machine Tool is a highly automatic new product integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic as well as measuring and control technologies.  It is mainly used for profiling working side and working surface of welded long steel rail.  Both ends of long steel rail will be tightly clamped. It can also carry out data acquisition through sensor, real time intelligent estimation and select respective trajectory. Working side and working surface of welded long steel rail will be smoothly and precisely processed.

  Equipment composition

This machine tools consists of lathe bed moving device, foundation, outer fixture, inner fixture, rail base centering device, electric control system, electric operation, horizontal moving device, vertical moving device, milling head installation, hydraulic, tools,gauge,slewing mechanism, lubrication and pneumatic.

Hydraulic method is used for drive of lathe bed movement and steel rail positioning & clamping. Milling head is powered by variable frequency AC motor. Horizontal movement, vertical movement, and rotary table are powered by servo motor and controlled by numerical control system. HMI, automatic inspection, recording, monitoring, and printing are enabled. Appearance of the machine tool is as below.

Main Features

1. This machine tool is suitable for multiple direction and position profiling of long rail surface with length range from 300mm to 1000mm.

2. Based on requirements, there are 5 processing plans for selection based on difference between actual steel rail profile and ideal profile: 0.03mm, 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.15mm and 0.2mm.

3. Weld bead precision milling, smooth without trace of humping.

After precision milling, longitudinal straightness curve shall comply with ideal curve proposed by Ministry of Railway.

After precision milling, no manual finishing is required for steel rail profile or straightness.

Imported cutting tool is having long use life and easy to change.

7. The cutting system is of high rigidity and no cutter relief will occur.

8. Two rotary table indexing adopts dual AC servo motor to control the system which makes the indexing accurate and highly intelligent.

9. This equipment is equipped with detection before and after processing which ensures the accountability of detection results.

10. Detection data can be transmitted, stored and printed.


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