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On-Board Test System of Contact Line Operation Conditions (3C)

  Product Introduction

The device is installed on running EMUs or locomotives to achieve full coverage of the pantograph, all weather dynamic detection, real-time recording dynamic data of the pantograph running status. It could detect the geometric parameter, arcing frequency, arcing time, arcing rate and temperature abnormity of the contact line. Then make a quick position via contact line fault to decrease the high speed train contact line fault processing time and improve the railway operation efficiency.


Product Characteristics


  1. To achieve the acquisition of the whole course pantograph line HD image
  2. To achieve pantograph line current parameter and temperature measurement
  3. To achieve contact line dynamic geometric parameter measurement
  4. Device detection covers night, tunnel, backlighting, etc
  5. Suitable for all the trains 

Picture 1 Train Top Pantograph Detecting Module


Picture 2 Vehicle Mounted Data Server


  Picture 3 Video Monitoring Screen


Picture 4 Visible light Shooting Image


Picture 5 Infrared Thermal Imaging Picture


 Picture 6 Spark Discharge Monitoring



 Picture 7 Carbon Slide Crushing Diagram

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