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GZH-70 Steel Rail Post Weld Heat Treatment Complete Equipment

This complete equipment adopts dual medium frequency electromagnetic induction which surrounds the steel rail with a circular induction coil and heats each welding joint in turn with  inductive current generated on the steel rail. While on the railway line, long rails has been welded and jointed together and fixed on the sleeper. Coil can not be put to surround the rail.In this case,normalizing process using acetylene will be adopted to heat steel rail welding joint with flame. However, automatic control and temperature detection are difficult under this circumstance, so continuity of treatment quality can not be guaranteed.

This equipment provides a new openable electromagnetic induction heater, which can be used together with dual medium frequency power source. It can provide wayside medium frequency normalizing treatment on steel rails. This complete equipment consists of power container, operation container, power system, water cooling system, air system, hydraulic system, electric control system, double-arm cranes, normalizing machine head and pressure maintaining device (optional).


1. The equipment adopts induction heating which enables fast temperature rise, small temperature difference, high efficiency and few oxidation on surface.

2. Openable inductive head satisfies requirements of on-side operation and enables fast positioning of weld joint. It is reliable and its required heating power is low. 70KVA input power will be sufficient.

3. Heating process is PLC controlled and temperature is infrared measured with close circuit control. Air blasts while set temperature is reached, which ensures the welding joint normalizing quality.

4. No hydraulic components in the high temperature part of normalizing trolley which ensures high safety.

The complete welding joint heat treatment process is fully automatic and records will be kept, while process datum such as temperature, time, power will be displayed real time and these datum can be set and called.




Double Arm Crane and Wayside Normalizing Trolley


Air Compressor and Air Tank


Container for Integrated Equipment


Water Circulation Device with Cooling Function

Double Medium Frequency Power Source



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